Thursday, 13 December 2018

How to Cure Boredom

I’m bored!

This seems to be the cry of many youngsters these days. Despite living in a world full of things to do, many of us, not just teenagers seem to get bored easily.

There are many things that cause boredom. It might be having nothing to do or doing something that is repetitive over a long period of time. It can also be a lack of imagination and even laziness. Some people can get more easily bored than others and what is boring to one person will not be to another.

To cure boredom you need to look at the root cause as to why you’re bored.

How to cure boredom

If your boredom is caused because you don’t have anything to do there is a simple solution. Find something to do! There is an almost limitless amount of things to do many of which don’t cost a penny! If you have can’t think of something for yourself be more altruistic and go and help someone in need or just visit or phone to cheer them up.

For those people that are out of work, it would be wise to use the time to look for a job in a business-like way. By that, I mean scheduling tasks that need to be done and making sure you complete those.

Those tasks can, for example, be broken down into the following:

  • Search job boards / call employment agencies
  • Apply for job
  • Contact by phone companies that you would be interested in working for
  • Visit companies in person and ask if they have vacancies either now or coming up
  • Contact people you know that and let them know you are looking for work
  • Use social media to let people know that you are looking for employment
  • Follow up on previous calls that you have made

It would be good to make sure that you keep good records of every job that you have applied for and list the people that you speak to. This will enable you to plan when you should follow up, who to call and will give you plenty of productive things to do each day.

For those that are retired and bored it would be good to look for groups or clubs that you could join. There are also many charities that need volunteers and many of the skills that you have could be put to good use in the community. Retired people that keep both mentally and physically active lead far happier and longer lives than those who succumb to boredom. If you are retired wondering what to do, why not make a list of all those things that you used to say that “if only I had the time” when you were working. There are so many hobbies and interests that can be pursued even at little or no cost.

Boredom can be a state of mind

Boredom can be a state of mind and might even be masking depression which prevents people from taking action. Why not try and change that state of mind and become more active. A simple activity like a daily walk will work wonders!

What about all those people that are in work that is boring to them and brings little if no satisfaction. Sadly there are many jobs today that are like that. A change of employment could help so do take the time to avail yourself of any extra training that your employer will provide which could then result in a change of position where you currently work or make it easier to find employment elsewhere.

Some people seem to cope with a boring job because they simply see it as a means to an end. The money they earn is being used or saved for something far more interesting. It could be that you need to change your mental attitude and look at your job in a different way. There are some boring jobs that could be made much more interesting, so do look for ways that could improve your job.

There might be reasons why you can say 'I’m bored' but there are probably thousands of ways that can end boredom. Please share in the comments box below reasons why you’re not bored!

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