Friday, 7 December 2018

Technology - Simplicity is The Key

I quite like technology although I have long grown out of being a gadget man. However, what I do use I like to be functional, and simple to use. There are so many inventions that end up complicating our lives rather than helping us. It can often take longer to use new technology than a tried and trusted method from the past.

Here are my favourite technology items:

Computers: Mac and Google Chromebook they are easy to use and the software tends to be trouble free. Both are far better than Microsoft Windows for my use.

Tablet & Mobile Phone: Apple or Android. I do like my old Apple iPhone 5 which I purchased second hand and sold my Android. Android is good but I because I own an iMac and IPad I just prefer the convenience of sticking to one system. Mobile phones, of course, are now very useful for managing so many aspects of daily life but there is a need to be able to disconnect. My top tip is to turn off notifications for things that you can check at your convenience such as email, Facebook and other social media that can so easily control our lives.

Software: It has to be a mixture of Google Drive and the programs that come with a Mac, such as for spreadsheets Numbers. Google Drive's tools are similarly easy to use compared to Windows Excel etc.

Evernote is one of my favourite tools. It does so much and works across all platforms with apps for phones and tablets. I write my blog posts firstly on a note in Evernote, I keep important information, store receipts and statements, create to-do lists, set reminders, store web pages for research and much more. 

Email: Gmail is my preferred email system and you can use it to host non-Google addresses. It beats Outlook Mail by a country mile.

Calendar: Google - it works without complication.

Music: Vinyl Record Deck, CD Player with associated amplifier and speakers. I love playing vinyl records but do appreciate the practicality of storing CD's and playing them in the car. I prefer a physical product to cloud-based or electronic downloads.

Electric Rice Cooker - ditched! Easier and takes less space to use a pan and a good technique.

Electric Food Processor - apart from the odd time to blend a few ingredients I wouldn't know what to do with the other functions! A knife seems to do pretty well instead of using it.

Electric Carving Knife - I don't have a joint of meat to cut but my Moulinex carving knife which is now almost 40 years old works superbly making carving a joint so easy!

Pen/Pencil & Paper: whilst there is a value to some electronic notes for safe storage, quite often a notebook and pen works best.

For me, even the most complicated technology should be designed to be easily used by the consumer and not require hours of training to learn how to use it. Many companies such as Google and Apple seem to have this philosophy and I applaud them for it.

Of course, there is far more to technology that just a few things that I have mentioned. Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, cookers and fridges are all a product of technology and as long as they are easy to use will make it onto my list.
It would be good to hear your thoughts and I would like you to leave a comment in the box below.

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