Thursday, 6 December 2018

What is Success?

Thousands of books have been written on how to be successful. It seems too, that everywhere you look online there are people who claim that they can teach you how to be successful. Beware though of many of these so-called success leaders. They make their money from people who pay for their online coaching or decidedly dubious programs. One thing all of these people seem to have in common is their definition of success.

Define Success

The sales pages and glossy brochures these people use give a clue. The very expensive car parked in front of the large house or the luxury yacht with them drinking champagne and the kind of watch on their wrist shows that for them success is about money and possessions
The truth though, is that people with money and possessions can lead very unhappy lives, as these things are no guarantee of happiness. How can we measure success? Is it all about money and possessions?

Surely success is how we are as people, the number of real friends we have and not Facebook followers. It's about the closeness of our family, the love of our partners and children. Does not the joy and satisfaction we have in our work bring a feeling of success even on relatively modest pay?

We live in a world where many have realised that after having lots of possessions and money they are better off having less and living a simpler lifestyle. The striving after the financial success that many crave creates stress and few people get to the point of owning the Ferrari or superyacht. When they do get there they are often left disappointed.

How do you feel about success?

How do you feel about success? How do you define it? Please leave a comment in the box below.

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