Friday, 25 September 2020

My old 2008 iMac

Over the years I have used my computers. Many laptops and PC's have come and gone. Windows ones often soon outdated and slowed to a crawl and having to be replaced far too soon. 

However, one trusty machine has survived the rigours of use and age, my Apple 2008 iMac. It's still going strong! 

I did double the Ram from 2GB to 4GB and changed the hard drive to SSD when it was around 6 years old. The hard drive was still working, it was just a preference and it has certainly helped with speed, and of course, reliability as the hard drive may well have failed by now. Although it has not been possible to upgrade the operating system for a few years, most things are just great.

One of the advantages of buying Apple seems to be longevity, not just their computers but also tablets and phones, and the fact they work with software far longer and don't slow down. 

Here in the UK, you can buy a good condition iMac 2008 for around £100 which if you're looking for a good quality computer for surfing the web and doing most other basic tasks will serve you well.

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