Thursday, 5 November 2020

My Favourite YouTubers Part 2 - Martin Zero

The next YouTuber that I would like to recommend is Martin Fisher. The channel named Martin Zero is a must-watch if you're interested in history. Martin looks at the history mainly in and around Manchester but does occasionally travel further afield. Martin has followed the course of many of the rivers that now flow under Manchester, looked at the old buildings and brings the history to life. 

His most popular video, The Secret Trap Door Under the Canal, is below for your enjoyment and demonstrates Martin's enthusiasm for the history and places in Manchester and beyond.

The River Medlock and Martin Zero

The series of videos following the course of the River Medlock is excellent and shows how as the City of Manchester grew the river was culverted and hidden for the most part as it flows through and under Manchester. Have no fear, though as our intrepid explorer finds his way into those tunnels and shows the viewers and explains the rich history of the area. Martin is fascinated with the rivers, and there are many videos for you to watch and learn more.

Martin Zero - Urban Explorer

There are many old buildings, abandoned and yet with a story to tell. Martin will show you around some of these buildings and let you have an insight into their past use and glory. 

Disused Railways and Tunnels

There is much industrial heritage in the UK and the old railway tracks, tunnels and buildings are incredible to see. Without leaving your home, you can watch on Martin Zero and take a trip into a bygone age of railways, industrial and social history. 

Go to the Channel

Well, that's enough from me! Please visit the channel Martin Zero now to see for yourself.

This is the second part of my series, My Favourite YouTubers.

My Favourite YouTubers

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