Friday, 20 November 2020

My Favourite YouTubers Part 4 - Living Big in a Tiny House

Many of us dream about living a simpler life and being mortgage-free. Some have achieved that dream by living in tiny houses. In this series of YouTuber recommendations, I am pleased to tell you about Living Big in a Tiny House, hosted by Bryce Langston. 

Bryce is a New Zealand based actor who found himself, as many actors do, out of work. He took an interest in tiny houses and started making YouTube videos, and to his surprise became very popular. He now travels throughout New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Europe visiting tiny homes and finding out about the people who own them. It makes fascinating viewing. 

The channel is growing and Living in Big in a Tiny House will soon have 4 million viewers! Just by watching these videos, you will be inspired in house design and see how to maximise small spaces, so even if you like a larger property that is no bad thing.

My Favourite YouTubers 

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