Wednesday, 4 November 2020

My Favourite YouTubers: Part One - Hubnut

Hubnut - celebrating the average

Welcome to the first YouTube Channel that I am delighted to recommend to my readers, Hubnut.

Hubnut, Ian Seaford is a car enthusiast and motoring writer who likes to celebrate the average. His channel reviews old cars and some of those cars often described as dreadful, but which for many have a place in history.

Ian often tinkers with old cars on Hubnut and has a collection of cars which is always subject to sudden change. At the time of writing, he has owned 70 cars in his time, and that will grow. In the current collection which is often featured on the channel and each with their own name is:

Citroen 2CV aka Ellie
Invacar -  TWC pronounced Tuc
Daewoo Matiz -Myrtle
Citreon DS - Giselle
Rover 75 - Rita
Reliant Fox - Foxanne

There are also 2 project cars for future tinkering! 

Car Reviews

Hubnut has a fine collection of videos where old cars are reviewed and test-driven. Ian's knowledge of cars is incredible, and viewers will learn something new as they watch them. They are also entertaining and often include lots of interesting scenery on the journey. Ian has driven across Europe, and a very interesting trek involved taking Ellie the 2CV to Croatia via many countries and stop-offs along the way. His tour of New Zealand and Australia in 2019 was very popular amongst viewers and his faithful band of "Hubnutters".

Triangle of Doom 

Hubnut has become well-known for the expression, "triangle of doom". Ian has a passion for windscreen wipers, and each car which is driven will include a wiper test. If an area where the wipers meet leaves an uncleared triangular area, this is referred to as the triangle of doom. Areas along the edge of the windscreen could well become an "area of disappointment!

To find out more about Hubnut, I recommend a visit to the Hubnut website where you can read more about Ian and his cars as well as buy wonderful merchandise in the Hubnut Store including a Triangle of Doom Mug and T-Shirt.

Whether you are interested in cars or not, I find that this channel appeals to may. My wife, who is definitely not a car enthusiast by nature, has come to look forward to each new Hubnut video and watches along with. The old BBC and ITV channels have now been replaced by YouTube on our TV.

More to come

This is part one of sharing with you my favourite YouTube Channels. They are very varied in their subject, so do, please subscribe to my blog. There is a section in the right-hand column where you can do this

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